About the Friends of KSP

Protecting, enhancing and promoting Keystone State Park
The mission of the Friends of Keystone State Park is to develop and foster recreational opportunities for all visitors to the park while protecting its natural beauty. The Friends sponsor events, fundraisers and workdays pursuant to its goals and to draw visitors to the park.

The Friends of Keystone State Park started with a single person helping to maintain the hiking trails. Others joined in and the vision expanded.

We’re very proud that in October of 2008, the Friends sponsored a workday for volunteers and park staff to install equipment for a new playground in the

beach area of the park. The equipment was funded through a grant from the Commonwealth and was the culmination of two years of work by the Friends of KSP. The success of this project confirms that a dedicated group can use its members’ talents to accomplish big goals.

We’re not done!  Lots of other plans are afoot. Anyone can volunteer to help in any way.

You are needed. Join us.

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